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Quantum Hoops
By Avi Offer
The NYC Movie Guru
March 31, 2008

Narrated by David Duchovny, this irresistibly entertaining and fascinating documentary charts the history of the CalTech college basketball team that had not won a single game in twenty years since 1986. The film opens with statistics of all the huge losses the team experienced during the games throughout those years when they lost by 60 points on average. They’re clearly the ultimate example of an underdog as if they were cursed to lose. Outside of basketball, interestingly, the athletes excel in other fields such as science and engineering, which they love just as passionately if not more than basketball—they seem to lead a double life. What’s equally amazing and inspiring is that they have the courage to continue playing basketball despite their repeated defeat. They simply refuse to give up. Director Rick Greenwald wisely incorporates archival photos from the early days of the team along with snippets of footage from their games and insightful interviews with the current coach, Roy Dow, who desperately wants the team to finally—and miraculously—win a game. Most importantly, Greenwald makes it fun and exciting to root for them from start to finish. Number of times I checked my watch: 0. Entertainment Value: High. Spiritual Value: Moderately High. Released by Green Forest Films. Opens at the Landmark Kendall Square in Boston.

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